Working to support healthy, equitable & vibrant parks in Detroit.

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We are a diverse group of park leaders and community members who have come together to expand resources for Detroit parks.

Our Values

We are committed to ensuring that all can experience the social, economic, physical and spiritual benefits of Detroit’s parks for decades to come.

Circle of Advocacy

Our coalition brings together parks organizations of varying sizes, geographies, and operating models. Including a diverse mix of voices and perspectives brings success to our collaborative efforts.

Partnership & Collaboration

We are parks advocates who came together to collaboratively grow resources. We approach each other and our partners with openness and an intention to share knowledge for the greater good. Our work is interconnected, and we embrace that.

Advancing Community Voice

Neighbors and regular users know Detroit’s parks best. We are committed to helping their visions come to life by supporting grassroots projects in Detroit’s parks.

Place-Based Equity

Systemic disinvestment in Detroit and its residents has contributed to racial inequities in park access and quality. We are focused on increasing funding to Detroit’s parks and ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources.  

Preservation & Respect

Out of respect for and love of the land, its history, creatures, plant life, rivers and streams, we work to restore and preserve nature within the city.

Common Ground for All

Parks benefit people of all backgrounds, socio-economic status, race, identity, culture, and ability. They are our common ground—places where we can recognize our similarities over our differences, experience nature, and celebrate life together. Our work ensures that all Detroiters have access to parks’ social, physical, spiritual, and economic benefits.

Long-Term Sustainability

We envision a city of welcoming and beautiful parks and public spaces in support of a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving Detroit. Our parks provide quality amenities, preserved natural areas, rigorous maintenance, and creative programming in service of that goal.